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Optimizing Your Recovery

Posted by Susan Jaques on
Optimizing Your Recovery

You’re crafting the perfect workout routine, giving 110%, researching the best classes and trainers, but how are you ending that sweat session? Recovery is an often overlooked part of a fitness regime, but it’s actually one of the most crucial elements of our overall health. In fact, the time you spend on recovery may be even more beneficial than those hours you put into the gym. To avoid overtraining, stay healthy longer, and amplify the positive effects of your workout, check out the following tips to maximize recovery.

Why is recovery so important? Did you know that your body releases toxins when you workout? High intensity exercise increases oxidative stress and free radical production in our cells. Now, this can be a good thing if we flush those toxins out post-workout. By taking COAST daily, those detoxification pathways are primed to flush those toxins out.

Compression and massage. It’s important to give our muscles some workout aftercare to prevent some of that soreness and keep our bodies moving. On the pricier side, Normatec is one of our favorite brands for super high-tech compression sleeves and self-massage therapy gadgets. However, a foam roller, a tennis or lacrosse ball, and traditional compression wear also works amazingly to keep that muscle soreness at bay and increase mobility. Top NYC trainer, and creator of THE WORKUP, Alex Lyons emphasizes the importance of getting movement in, even while sore. “It’s easy to overdo it these days, but moving when sore helps flush everything out,” says Lyons.

Cryotherapy, we think it’s worth the hype. With cryotherapy tanks and chambers on the rise in popularity, you probably have access to one at a medspa or gym near you. We love these in combination with saunas for a quick and simple recovery session. No cryotherapy treatments near you? No problem. Simply take a three to five minute cold shower (we mean really cold), or if you’re really brave, an ice bath.

Sleep is key. The more research that comes out, the more we see just how crucial good quality sleep is to our overall health and longevity. This is the time of day where our body repairs and regenerates itself. Check and make sure you’re getting enough sleep, and the best quality of sleep with a tracker like Oura. For more specific tips on boosting your sleep game, check out our blog post with sleep expert Mollie McGlocklin.

Hydration, hydration, hydration. Ensure you’re entering your workout hydrated so you’re staying on top of your hydration, not playing catch up. After sweating, you want to make sure you give your body plenty of water, and restore any lost nutrients. While you’ve probably heard of having protein and carbs post-workout, we get a little more advanced here at COAST. COAST is scientifically designed to replenish those stores and refuel your body and mind with NAD+, antioxidants, vitamins, electrolytes, and amino acids.

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