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The Science of Alcohol Metabolism


Alcohol causes more damage than just hangovers

In a nutshell, alcohol creates a toxin in your body called acetaldehyde.  According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), this toxin is a Class 1 Carcinogen and causes significant damage to cells throughout your body.  As your body has no natural storage for alcohol, the alcohol metabolization process draws resources from the rest of your body to get rid of the toxin as quick as possible. Therefore, not only does alcohol create a toxin which harms you, it also decreases how well the rest of your body functions!

This cellular damage and depletion of your body's resources results in long-term effects on your health and performance.  Acetaldehyde toxicity is also one of the primary causes of acute hangover symptoms.  That painful feeling in the morning is just a signal of more serious damage being done to your body. Unfortunately, even if you are not hungover or just ride it out until you recover, damage has still been done.

Physical Effects:

  • Skin damage
  • Diminished muscle build-up and recovery
  • Lower aerobic endurance and metabolism
  • Depleted sources of energy
  • Decrease in fine motor skills
  • Slurred speech

Mental Effects:

  • Impaired cognitive function
  • Inhibited ability to learn new information
  • Dulled memory and retention
  • Disrupted sleep cycles


  • The short-term harm caused by alcohol metabolism
  • Unfortunately, we are all probably familiar with these symptoms!
Alcohol causes more damage than just hangovers. It creates a toxin called acetaldehyde which is a carcinogen and causes hangovers, negative physical effects like skin damage, recovery, sleep cycles, and decreased energy, and also negative mental effects.mental effects too.

A quick primer on how your body processes alcohol

Ethanol is the chemical name for alcohol. Shortly after drinking, ethanol diffuses throughout your body and once it gets into your cells, particularly in the liver, ethanol is broken down in a two-step process.  

1. Ethanol is converted into acetaldehyde by the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase. Acetaldehyde is significantly more toxic than alcohol itself and causes oxidative damage to cellular proteins, lipids, and DNA. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) considers acetaldehyde a Class 1 Carcinogen.

2. The enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase converts acetaldehyde into acetic acid, which is a harmless and important metabolic intermediate that can be excreted or used in bodily energy production.

Picture describing the process of alcohol metabolism. Ethanol converts into a toxin acetaldehyde by means of alcohol dehydrohenase and uses NAD+. Acetaldehyde causes hangovers and longer-term damage from drinking. Acetaldehyde then is converted into acetic acid by means of aldehyde dehydrogenase and also uses NAD+. Your body then excretes acetic acid. Coast Drink (Coast Health) increases the oxidative stress response capacity of your body and also increases the efficiency of the enzymatic conversions.

How COAST works to address alcohol damage beyond just hangovers

COAST was scientifically engineered to bridge the gap between being healthy and fit with being social.  To accomplish this goal, we made a natural and healthy complement to alcohol that works by:

  • Increasing the efficiency of your body in detoxifying alcohol and eliminating it from your body before significant damage is done 
  • Increasing your body's stress response capacity to better aid the detoxification process as well as carry out other critical functions that get diminished by alcohol
  • Replacing vital resources that are lost during ethanol metabolism such as NAD+, vitamins, electrolytes, etc.

Basically, COAST includes a combination of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, electrolytes, and other natural compounds that help detoxify acetaldehyde, increase your cells' ability to deal with the stress of ethanol metabolism, and replenish crucial resources used up in the process that your body needs to function normally.

Bottles of Coast Drink (Coast Health) in front of sign saying

What is NAD+?

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme that is naturally found in every cell in your body and is essential to your cellular health and metabolism.  It enables mitochondrial functionality - think of it like the fuel source for your cells.  Effectively, NAD+ allows your cells to perform whatever function that particular cell is intended for.  Simply put, without NAD+ your cells don't work and...well, that's not good.

What does NAD+ do for you?

NAD+ supplementation has been the subject of intense investigation and has been demonstrated to have preventative and therapeutic effects, improving pathologies associated with aging and various disease conditions.  It is essential to many critical biological functions including DNA repair (vital for cancer prevention and anti-aging), neuroprotection, gene expression, cell division, and signaling.  NAD+ is crucial to your cardiovascular health, muscle recovery, energy levels, brain functionality, and skin, hair and nail health.

COAST includes NMN - a direct precursor to NAD+

NAD+ gets depleted during ethanol metabolism, specifically in the enzymatic processes of alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase.  This means that NAD+ intended to keep your body functioning normally is diverted to process the alcohol you consumed.  Since NAD+ allows your cells to better handle cellular damaging events (like drinking), this deficit not only increases the oxidative stress on your body, but also reduces your body's ability to deal with it!  COAST therefore includes NMN, which produces NAD+ (you cannot ingest NAD+ directly), to replenish levels and keep your cells healthier.

What is NAD+ and What does NAD+ do for you? Picture describes the benefits of NAD+. Coast Drink (Coast Health) includes NMN as a precursor to NAD+ for cellular health, anti-aging, skin health, DNA repair, better sleep, reduce inflammation, and prevent hangovers.

COAST's FDA-compliant formula includes natural active ingredients that are vital to your health and performance.



Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) molecule. NMN creates NAD+. Coast Drink (Coast Health) includes NMN to create NAD+ as it is crucial for alcohol metabolism and alcohol detox. NAD+ metabolizes alcohol to prevent hangovers, keep your body functioning, anti-aging, cellular health, immune health. Coast Drink (Coast Health) is the only product to include NMN which is a direct precursor to NAD+.

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN)

NMN is a cutting edge compound that creates NAD+. NAD+ gets depleted during alcohol metabolism, negatively effecting how well your body functions and how healthy you are. NMN augments NAD+ levels to enable your cells to continue carrying out critical functions while under high stress conditions due to the demands of ethanol metabolism.

Picture of Glucarate molecule. Coast Drink (Coast Health) includes glucarate as a natural detox including alcohol detoxification. It detoxes and removes toxins, carcinogens, and acetaldehyde. It increases liver health. It increases skin health by reducing wrinkles, dark spots, pores. Helps with post-workout muscle growth and recovery. Helps in cancer prevention


Significantly boosts your body’s capacity to remove toxins and carcinogens, such as acetaldehyde. It is a powerful agent in detoxifying your body which leads to increased liver health. It increases skin health by reducing dark spots, wrinkles, and pores. It also removes harmful toxins released from tissue during workouts.

Picture of N-Acetyl cysteine (NAC) molecule. Coast Drink (Coast Health) includes NAC because it is a powerful antioxidant and creates the powerful antioxidant glutathione. Neutralizes free radicals and is natural detox and natural alcohol detox. Essential for lived health and kidney health. Limits alcohol toxicity so prevents hangovers and reduces alcohol damage. Great as a hangover cure and recovery drink. Helps anti-aging.

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC)

Essential for making the powerful antioxidant, glutathione. It helps neutralize free radicals that can damage cells and tissues in your body. It is essential for immune health and aids detoxification to prevent or diminish liver and kidney damage. Studies show it can limit alcohol toxicity.

Picture of taurine molecule which is crucial amino acid. Coast Drink (Coast Health) includes taurine as it reduces acetaldehyde buildup, therefore prevents hangovers and is a natural alcohol detox. It also improves energy levels, athletic performance, and endurance. It is a natural energy boost and workout drink. Helps with workout recovery and muscle growth.


Crucial amino acid found in large amounts in the brain, retina, heart, and blood cells. Studies show it increases aldehyde dehydrogenase activity, resulting in decreased acetaldehyde levels in your body. A required building block of protein, it is also thought to improve athletic performance.

Picture of B vitamin powder. Coast Drink (Coast Health) includes B1, B3, B6, and B12. Severely depleted by alcohol metabolism so these are critical to prevent hangovers, detox alcohol, and keep body functioning as normal. Crucial for improved performance, anti-aging, skin health, better sleep, DNA repair, brain processing and development, and immune function.

vitamins B1, B3, B6, B12

These vitamins are severely depleted by alcohol metabolism. They play a crucial role in energy levels, metabolism, DNA repair, skin health, brain processing and development, and immune function.

Picture of zinc molecule. Coast Drink (Coast Health) includes zinc as a natural alcohol detox and hangover cure by increasing the activity of alcohol dehydrogenase. Also essential as a natural energy boost. Is an electrolyte that helps recovery, sleep, energy levels, and endurance.


Criticial cofactor in alcohol metabolism by increasing alcohol dehydrogenase activity and the first-pass metabolism of ethanol. Zinc is also essential to your energy metabolic processes; its reduction caused by alcohol results in a reduction in your energy and endurance.

Lemons. Coast Drink (Coast Health) is naturally flavored with lemon for a natural detox. It is natural, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, paleo, keto, and has no sugar, no carbs, no calories.


Naturally flavored with lemon. We never use any artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors.

Limes. Coast Drink (Coast Health) is naturally flavored with lime for a natural detox. It is natural, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, paleo, keto, and has no sugar, no carbs, no calories.


Naturally flavored with lime. We never use any artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors.

A picture of a stevia plant leaf. Coast Drink (Coast Health) uses stevia as an all-natural sweetener so it is an all-natural drink and alcohol detox. It is a natural drink, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, allergen-free with zero sugar, zero calories, zero carbs. It is keto, paleo, kosher. By detoxifying alcohol, it cures hangovers, promotes anti-aging, skin health, and recovery.

stevia leaf extract

The stevia leaf has been used as a natural and zero calorie sweetener for hundreds of years in South America. We never include any sugar or artificial sweeteners.