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Science For Drinking + Science for Life

We're all trying to be healthier, stronger, and fitter. With time, even moderate drinking chips away at the sweat equity you've earned in the gym or in the organic aisle. COAST is scientifically engineered to put back in your body what drinking takes out over time. Rough mornings? Sure, we can help with those too.

Find out more about our natural ingredients and how the science works.

  • Coast allows you to stay health and achieve your health and fitness goals, even when drinking alcohol. By being a natural alcohol detox and replenishing what alcohol takes away, Coast allows you to drink healthy and optimize your health and performance.
  • People drinking alcohol. With Coast, customers do not have to compromise their social life or enjoyment to be healthy and perform optimally. Coast limits the damage from alcohol including hangovers.
  • Drinking Coast means you do not have to compromise your hard work or social life. Drinking Coast allows you to maintain your health without regretting that drink of alcohol. A natural alcohol detox, it allows you to drink healthy and limit a hangover.