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About us

Our Story

We've been friends since childhood. We share a similar philosophy on life and health. With a focus on healthy living, we compared notes on diet, intermittent fasting, fitness classes, optimizing sleep cycles, and staying sharp mentally. Many of these conversations happened over a drink or two.

We knew some of things we enjoyed most set us back from our goals. Why was there nothing out there that allowed us to enjoy our social lives while not compromising on health?

We only found the same old random extracts, roots, and "magic ingredients" not based in science. That wasn't us. We wanted a true HEALTH solution that could flush out the bad stuff and optimize the good stuff. That's when we had the idea - why not us?

With a unique expertise in cellular health and research, we had the skill set no one else had. After many iterations and hundreds of tests, we arrived at a health solution for people like us that is healthy, clean, and absolutely gets the job done.

Designed for us. Designed for you.

Our Team

Chris Roselle, Chief Science Advisor

How I Coast

You can usually find me experimenting in the lab or in the gym. I created the cutting edge formulation for COAST and focus on other exciting new products designed for your active lifestyle.


A cancer researcher and 5th-year PhD candidate at University of Pennsylvania, previously I was in vaccine development at Merck.

Coast drink  is a natural detoxification shot with NAD+ and antioxidants created by a cancer researcher

Coast is a natural detoxification shot with NAD+ and antioxidants

Chris Picerni, CEO

How I Coast

My goal is to make you happier and healthier by getting you access to COAST in the easiest and most cost-effective way. When not doing this, I'm probably running or having a drink. Both involve listening to Metallica with the volume turned up.


Prior to COAST, I was an investor at PIMCO and Goldman Sachs.

Louis Formisano, COO

How I Coast

As an avid surfer and vegetarian, healthy living is ingrained in my lifestyle. I make sure every bottle of COAST you drink is of the highest quality and integrity.


I am an attorney with an expertise in environmental and regulatory affairs.

Coast drink is natural, vegan, non-GMO and free of sugar, allergens, caffeine, and soy