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Why We Should Make Dry February A Thing!

Posted by Susan Jaques on
Why We Should Make Dry February A Thing!

Did you miss Sober January? Well, you can start an alcohol-free challenge any time! It doesn’t need to be the first month of the year to commit to a health reset. In fact, losing the pressure of “new year, new me” can be really helpful. Spending a period of time abstaining from drinking allows you the opportunity to detox, and take stock of your drinking habits. The biggest bonus is…February is the shortest month of the year! Big thanks to Lauren from Biohacker Babes for the inspiration to do a Dry February.

Alcohol has major negative effects. This blog post outlines all the major ways alcohol takes a toll on our bodies. Because your body has no way of storing alcohol, it takes a great deal of effort to prioritize metabolizing it. And after that metabolizing is done, you’re left with the toxins alcohol leaves behind, primarily acetaldehyde. This toxin causes major damage to your cellular health, and is a major contributor to those nasty hangovers.

Get through your Dry February challenge by finding a buddy to do it with you! We’re always stronger when we have a partner by our side, or a group that can all keep each other accountable. Find a yummy alcohol alternative, like Ghia or Curious Elixirs, and plan a fun activity with friends that doesn’t include drinking (think of all the money you’ll save skipping the bars for a few weekends).

Reflect on the month. How do you feel after 28 days of no drinking? Clearer? More energized? Less sluggish? Take a moment after you’ve patted yourself on the back, and note the results and challenges. What aspect was the most difficult? These reflections will help guide your decisions moving forward.

Ease back into drinking with some smarter alcohol alternatives. Reach for a natural wine, such as Dry Farm Wines so you can enjoy a glass without the extra sugar and toxic additives. If you’re a fan of a stronger cocktail, you may want to opt for a tequila. Blanco tequila, aka 100% agave tequila, is one of the cleanest hard liquors you can get. Just make sure you’re getting something high quality, and make sure you’re staying as hydrated as possible.

After you return to drinking, you may feel the effects a bit more strongly after taking a break! When you get back to your first big night out, have some COAST on hand to ensure you’re able to detox those toxins more efficiently, and keep the positive effects of your Dry February going.

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