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Q&A with sleep expert Mollie McGlocklin

Posted by Marketing SJ on
Q&A with sleep expert Mollie McGlocklin

We caught up with sleep expert, Mollie McGlocklin, on her best biohacks, wellness routine and of course, sleep!

- Tell us a bit about you and what you do?

I am the founder of Sleep Is A Skill and the host of The Sleep Is A Skill Podcast. Sleep Is A Skill is a company that optimizes people’s sleep through a unique blend of technology, accountability, and behavioral change. After navigating insomnia while traveling internationally, I created what I couldn’t find - a place to go to learn the skillset of sleep. With a background in behavioral change from The Nonverbal Group, I became fascinated with chronobiology and its practical application to sleep and our overall experience of life.

- Talk us through your daily wellness routine?

The short answer is that I lay out my day through the lens of circadian rhythm entrainment. I create for myself and my clients what I call your Circadian Crafted Day. Within that framework, we create two distinct parts to the day - Day Mode & Night Mode. In Day Mode, you’re getting lots of sunlight, activity, eating, higher body temperature, being productive, and generally being in a state of generation. In Night Mode, you’re doing the opposite. You are shifting your energy from productive to relaxation, connection, calming, and general ease. You’re leaning into fasting, dim-to-darkness, and lower body temperature. 

- What are some of your favorite biohacks?

SLEEP! Along with that, sunlight, The Ooler, hydration, trace minerals, exercise, red light therapy, and contrast therapy are some of my go-to stacks. 

- What do you do for working out?

Right now, I’m leaning into, which provides me with a virtual personal trainer who generates workouts for me and tracks my progress with the Apple Watch. I also love my Hydrow for rowing! 

- Favorite healthy foods?

I follow a paleo-ish diet and love a good sweet potato!

- What is the best advice you ever had?
How you do anything, is how you do everything.

- Favorite way to use COAST?

I love it for travel, workouts, and on the rare occasions that I drink - it is a go-to.

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