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What is Epigenetics? The Gene Queen Breaks it Down

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What is Epigenetics? The Gene Queen Breaks it Down

There’s a reason they call her “The Gene Queen”! Lindsey Lekhraj, of The Designer Genes Co., is an Epigenetics Human Potential Coach who you may remember from our Q&A with her last year. We’ve brought her back to give us a deep dive into epigenetics and how she uses genetic testing to support her clients’ health goals.

  • What is epigenetics?
    • Epigenetics is a massive field of study in holistic wellness of specifically how various lifestyle choices, exposures, and lived experience affect a person’s genetic expression. We now have the technology to be incredibly strategic with our choices for optimal health and longevity! 
  • How did your personal struggle with chronic illness lead you to the field of epigenetics?
    • I was honestly not having any success with functional medicine, and had hit a wall with nutrition and exercise. I was experiencing major digestive issues which had started to cascade into hormonal imbalances and autoimmune-type symptoms. I took all the tests on the market to no avail. Epigenetics / Functional Genomics was the only thing that gave me root cause answers!
  • What kind of insights should you expect after you do genetic testing?
    • You will learn what your body loves, dislikes, and is neutral in response to nutritional intake, specifics of supplementation, mineral processing, sleep, exercise, hormones, and even detox pathways! It’s incredible. So you can see exactly what’s working well, what doesn’t really matter, and where to save your time and money!
  • How can you use these results to achieve your best health?
    • Following a professional genomics plan yields the most incredible results, because we work with the body as a whole, rather than isolating one system. So instead of just optimizing your diet for best results, we also support your detox pathways… it’s a push/pull, and it’s powerful. When all systems are supported, the tide rises!
  • What's a common problem you see amongst your clients that can be addressed with epigenetics coaching?
    • Anxiety and fatigue are things that many people have sadly accepted as personality traits… when really, individual chemistry has a lot to do with it. There are typically triggers that can be avoided and support via micronutrients, herbs, or similar that give the body and brain what it needs to reach peak performance and homeostasis.
  • Would you consider epigenetics biohacking?
    • It’s the ultimate bio hack! Learning how to support yourself on this level is truly unparalleled. To me, it really doesn’t make sense to spend so much energy in this industry without using your body’s blueprint for optimization. It’s the ultimate cheat code!
  • What supplements do you recommend for your clients?
    • I use my report to customize supplements based on the individuals needs. We typically see a few areas where they may need more support than average, or respond best to a specific version of a nutrient. It’s an intricate process. It’s also important to remember that there are some supplements that may only be relevant for a specific season of life. This is why we always do human to human consultation and coaching… an automated report just can’t really compute what your body is doing currently and where you would benefit from support.

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