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Q&A With Founder Chris Picerni on the New Recovery+

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Q&A With Founder Chris Picerni on the New Recovery+

You've probably noticed COAST's new look, and may be wondering...what exactly is Recovery+? Have the ingredients changed? Will I feel a difference?

We sat down with our founder Chris Picerni to give you the rundown on the latest updates and improvements to our formula. Get ready to take your daily recovery routine to the next level!

How is Recovery+ different than past versions of COAST?

Other than our new packaging, there are two main differences. First, we tripled the amount of our NAD+ booster in each serving. We previously had a very effective amount, but now we are truly best-in-class.

Second, we changed our form of B12 from cyanocobalamin to methylcobalamin (more on that below).

Why is Recovery+ important to take daily?

Using Recovery+ daily is the best way to optimize the benefits and positive impacts on your health and recovery. Just like most things in your health, fitness, and wellness journey, consistency is the key. Drinking Recovery+ daily is the best way to consistently flush out harmful toxins, to consistently optimize your cells, and to consistently replenish lost nutrients.

The steady intake of the various active ingredients is by far the best way to assure they have the biggest benefit for you. 

Think about your exercise schedule. We know it is better to be physically active everyday rather than just once a week. The same thing applies to most of your supplements and to Recovery+ - consistent use is vital.

How is methylcobalamin different than the previous version of B12, cyanocobalamin? Why is this important?

Methylcobalamin is the natural form of B12 while cyanocobalamin is the synthetic form of B12. The difference is in the molecule attached to the ion. However, it is important to note that there are some common misconceptions around these forms.

Both forms are largely similar in terms of efficiency, absorption, and stability for most people. There are a subset of people with a MTHFR gene mutation where methylcobalamin is more beneficial.  By switching to this version, COAST is now more inclusive and broadly available to everyone. 

What effects should I see in my body in regards to a higher dose of NAD+ booster?

NAD+ is the critical cofactor to multiple cellular functions.  It is absolutely vital to your body’s health and performance.  NAD+ is crucial to your cardiovascular health, muscle recovery, energy levels, brain functionality, and skin, hair and nail health.

By increasing the dosage of our NAD+ booster, you will see these benefits increase!

Can this replace my monthly IV treatment?

Sure, but we want to fit into your health and recovery journey in whatever way works best for you.  We recognize that most people cannot afford or commit to regular IVs. Recovery+ has similar benefits at a fraction of the cost and time. We deliver an NAD+ boost, glutathione boost, antioxidants, recovery enhancers, and more right to your door in an easy and affordable drink.

By using Recovery+ daily, you are also getting these benefits every day!  Not just occasionally.  To use another workout analogy, isn’t it better to do some workout everyday rather than one monster workout a month? 

We do understand that people love IVs and we do too. So, if they are part of your routine, we suggest adding a daily powder stick or bottle to optimize your health and recovery between IV treatments.

Are the shots and powders different now? When should I take a shot and when should I take a powder stick?

They are only different in terms of the format. All of the active ingredients and related benefits are the same.

The shots are great if you prefer to quickly drink them and be done in two seconds. The powder sticks are great if you prefer a better-tasting drink, want to mix in your water bottle, or to take on-the-go.

They both work optimally when taken daily, but also work great after an intense workout or when taken while drinking alcohol. 

Are the shots more effective than the powder sticks?

Nope! They have the same efficacy and active ingredients. 

I only take Recovery+ for use while drinking. When’s the best time to take it? 

Drinking is a particularly acute case of toxins going into your body and your body being drained of critical resources to metabolize alcohol. Luckily, Recovery+ is designed specifically to handle flushing out toxins and replenishing resources.

We recommend you drink a bottle or powder stick when you start drinking to help prevent the negative side effects of alcohol.  If you are having a big night, we recommend a second serving towards the end of the night. 

It is also important to note that daily use to optimize your starting health and then an additional serving while drinking is the absolute most effective way to help mitigate the unwanted side effects.


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