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Chatting with Lindsey Lekhraj, The Gene Queen

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Chatting with Lindsey Lekhraj, The Gene Queen

-Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do:

I’m an Epigenetics Human Potential Coach! I read your genes and teach you how to optimize your wellness approach to be the most successful, streamlined plan since it’s customized to your DNA! Genetics has been studied for decades, and basically, your specific genetic variations respond in very predictable ways to various lifestyle and environmental factors… such as the foods you eat, how you’re exercising, how well you sleep, toxic exposure, etc. Epigenetics makes it easy to design a lifestyle plan that will set you up for a long life of vitality! This also provides a very foundational look at your body’s blueprint for healing… so I love helping clients find answers to complex concerns that other functional labs can’t explain.

-What's your daily wellness routine?

It’s pretty involved, but effective! I start my days with electrolytes and reishi coffee, followed by a breathwork and meditation practice. I’ve been focusing on resistance training lately, and I also aim for at least 10 minutes of sun exposure each day before diving into work. I’m fortunate to work remotely, but I definitely spend a lot of time on Zoom calls with clients each day. Between meetings and after my day, I sneak in movement any way I can, and I love doing foam rolling in the evenings… feels so good! My husband and I are total foodies, too… so we love to cook elaborate meals at home. We recently moved to Nashville, so we are also having a lot of fun exploring our new city!

-What's your favorite biohacking tip?

I would have to say, Epigenetics is kind of the ultimate biohacking tool. It covers SO much with one little swab of the cheek… it’s something every human being should have access to, no matter what wellness goals they have. Besides that, breathwork has been totally life-changing to me! It has so many brain + body benefits: energizes your mind, oxygenates the blood for immunity benefits, stimulates lymphatic drainage, and really works the glands to keep so many systems firing well.

-The most game-changing piece of advice you've ever received?

Your number one job each day is to set your own frequency… when you know how to get your energy right, you will find a way to do everything you need to do, and those around you will get the very best version of you.

-Favorite way to use COAST?

COAST is a game-changer after a fun night out! I love to enjoy a good red wine or spicy margarita… but my genetic detox pathways aren’t the greatest, so I need all the support I can get in order to bounce back from an indulgence. These shots are so convenient and really make a big difference!

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