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Q&A With Dr. Mandy Messinger AKA The Biohack Girl

Posted by Susan Jaques on
Q&A With Dr. Mandy Messinger AKA The Biohack Girl

We caught up with The Biohack Girl on all things (you guessed it!) biohacking!

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do

I’m a lot of things these days! My professional background is as a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. I’m also a former PR professional. I changed careers in my mid 20’s when I left the field of Public Relations and went back to school to get my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. After 10 years in practice as an orthopedic, sports medicine, and women’s health PT, I decided to change creers again and I’m now working part time with Daily Dose in their Sales and Marketing team while I build my own mobile biohacking business called The Science Spa. I’m extremely passionate about all things health, wellness, nutrition and biohacking, as I truly believe that the root cause of so many health issues can be abated by addressing the deeper elements of nutrition and lifestyle. Working for Daily Dose really aligns with these beliefs and it feels like the perfect fit here. Aside from that, my company The Science Spa, aims to bring the deeper, more physical elements of health and healing, such as lymphatic drainage, full body detoxification, light therapy and a few others, to the public in an easy to access way by being a mobile, one-stop place to get all of these components under one roof.

What’s your daily wellness routine?

It’s a bit extensive so get ready: I start every morning with about 16oz of reverse osmosis filtered water. I then have a mug of milk thistle tea with fresh lemon juice and fresh ginger, as well as a shot of turmeric & ginger juice with black pepper, lemon and MCT oil. I typically make a large, fresh jar of this once a week and I use fresh turmeric root (as opposed to powdered). I’ve recently switched to decaf everything, so sometime later in the morning, I’ll have a cup of decaf pour over coffee blended with coconut milk and marine collagen peptides (I love Natural Force). I’ll also make a glass of chlorophyll water that I’ll sip throughout the morning. 

Sometimes I’ll go for a morning walk, if it’s nice out. If not, I’ll try to do some breathing exercises (either Wim Hof to energize or 4-7-8 to decompress). I practice Transcendental Meditation, so I’ll try to get at least one TM session in a day (you’re supposed to do two) - recently I’ve been accompanying my meditation with Sona, a restorative music app, and it’s transformed my meditations. The rest of my day, as far as wellness goes, consists of afternoon movement, which could be a run, a long walk, a Pilates session on the reformer, a Tracy Anderson class or a heavy strength workout. I usually choose a workout that’s in alignment with what phase I’m in in my menstrual cycle along with how my body is feeling that day. I use a full spectrum infrared sauna 2-4 times a week and I’ve recently started doing cold plunges as well (in my tub at home). Besides all of this, my wife and I cook a lot of well balanced, homemade meals that are very vegetable forward. I recently went gluten and dairy free again, and I typically try to limit my sugar intake to 20g per day or less (including natural sugars). Sleep is so important and I try to keep good sleep hygiene so I turn my phone to a red light screen around 8pm nighty, and try not to look at it until the next morning. 

What’s your favorite biohacking tip? 

Keep your detox pathways open and flowing! Gua sha, lymphatic drainage massage, dry brushing, trampoline jumping and saunas are some really easy ways to do this. 

What’s the most game-changing piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Stop trying to do so much at once, or put another way: slow down. I was a competitive figure skater growing up and was involved in every school activity as well, so, from a very young age, my schedule was always jam-packed. I operated this way for most of my life - stacking one thing onto another, whether it was a second job or a hobby, and I finally became burnt out. Our society and culture encourages and rewards this type of behavior, but it’s not sustainable in the long run for most of us. You CAN “do too much!” It’s been a very hard habit to break, but I’ve been working on it over the last 3-4 years, and it’s been a true game-changer in terms of my mental and physical health. 

Favorite way to use Coast?

As a booster! The ingredients are completely in alignment with the supplements I take daily, so I’ll drink one midday for an extra vitamin and mineral boost, or if I feel I haven’t been getting a good balance of detoxifying supplementation (specifically, NAD+) that day. I love that the bottle is portable so I can stash one in any bag to take on the go with me. It’s got all the good stuff! 

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