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Detox Your Home For Spring

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Detox Your Home For Spring

Winter is FINALLY over, and we’ve all got spring cleaning on our to-do list. But how about this year, we take it a step further and take the opportunity to detox our homes with a few simple tips! Did you know that in the past 50 years, more than 100,000 toxic chemicals have been introduced into the environment? These chemicals are in our homes, our air, our food and water…simply put, modern life is becoming toxic! However, by taking a few simple measures in your home, you can greatly reduce your toxic load, and increase your quality of life.

Make homemade swaps or choose low-tox alternatives to your cleaning products. Ironically, our cleaning products can carry some of the “dirtiest” ingredients in our homes. Try making your own with some of these simple recipes, or look for cleaner alternatives in your local grocery store.

Detox the bedroom of electronics. At night and during sleep, you want to avoid as many interruptions as possible. Remove TVs, cell phones, and laptops from the bedroom. Not only will this limit your EMF exposure, but it’s just good sleep hygiene! Take it a step further with a social media detox after 8pm.

Rid the pantry of processed foods. Take a moment to take a deeper dive at ingredient labels, and evaluate which of your pantry staples might not be so good for you after all. Even so-called “natural” treats, snacks, and sauces can be loaded with sugar, salt, and preservatives. 

Get some house plants for natural air detoxification. This is an especially important tip if you live in a city or urban environment. House plants are a great way to refresh and naturally filter your air. Nobody likes a stale apartment or home! Snake plants are especially amazing for producing lots of fresh oxygen, and are very easy to take care of. As an added bonus, caring for plants, and having them in your home, is proven to reduce stress. 

Ditch the plastics. Make sure any water bottles or food containers are glass, metal, or if they are plastic - BPA free. Microplastics in our food and water supply are becoming a huge problem, so the more you can reduce your exposure, the better. These microplastics carry contaminants, toxins, and are known to be carcinogenic, AKA cancer-causing. 

While it may seem daunting navigating the toxicity of our modern world, by making a few simple lifestyle changes, we can greatly impact our health and wellness. Shop COAST to detox from the stresses of modern life, and click here for a deeper dive on detoxification.

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