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Had a few this weekend and still feeling guilty?

Posted by Marketing SJ on
Had a few this weekend and still feeling guilty?

Do you feel like you just wasted your week of healthy living because you had a few drinks this weekend? We feel you.

COAST was founded by a team who cares A LOT about health, wellness and human optimization, but we also value life balance, being social and being able to enjoy an occasional drink without worrying too much about the detrimental effects of alcohol.

Of course, most of us have lived through an awful hangover, and this is something COAST helps you to avoid, but unfortunately there’s more harm in drinking than the next morning headache.  To be honest, it's kind of the least of your worries.

Some of the biggies when it comes to alcohol side effects are your ability to recover, skin issues, dehydration, sleep quality and productivity. What’s more, and less known, alcohol creates a toxin in your body that damages cells. Yikes…!

COAST was designed with this in mind. By grabbing a COAST while you drink, you add in what drinking takes away, help your body metabolize alcohol better and faster while giving your cells a boost with NAD+.

We know how hard you work to be healthy and feel great and we are here to keep you on that track. It's ok to have that drink with your friends or to unwind after a tough day. COAST let's you do that without the guilt of feeling like you wasted your hard work.

Workout, eat right, and then go have some fun. You earned it. Just remember to COAST!

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