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The more realistic way to detox your body and mind

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The more realistic way to detox your body and mind

The COAST 12-Days to Detox & Repair challenge is under way, and we wanted to dive deeper into how this challenge helps you detoxify your body and mind in an easier and more realistic way!

Detox is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days. As the word suggest, detox is the process of removing toxins, and you have probably seen multiple suggested approaches to it such as juicing, fasting or a long list of things to eliminate in your life… At COAST, we are firm believers in anything in moderation, but of course a detox is helped along if you live healthily, workout and eat well, but we just don’t like deprivation as part of a healthy process. We are more into taking small and attainable steps and crushing one goal at the time instead of going all out in January with a new regimen that is just not sustainable. 

Support two complementary detoxification pathways with a simple shot

COAST was scientifically engineered by a cancer researcher to support two complementary detoxification pathways in your body, so that simply committing to our 12-day challenge will make a significant difference to your health. We like to think of it as a simple and more realistic way to help your bod and mind replenish and repair without punishing restrictions or radical lifestyle changes. Totally doable, right? 

So more specifically, what does it do and how?

COAST flushes out toxins, replenishes lost nutrients, repairs your cells… and the secret is in the sauce! Jam-packed with the highest quality, functional ingredients including NAD+, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins B1, B3, B6, B12 that play a crucial role in energy levels, alcohol metabolism, DNA repair, immunity, skin health and brain function, COAST makes health optimization easy. 

We are running a special promotion all through January to join the challenge - just $49 for the 12 bottles of COAST instead of $60! Join the challenge here!

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