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Actor, model, influencer & biohacker! Get to know Jared P Smith & his best wellness hacks

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Actor, model, influencer & biohacker! Get to know Jared P Smith & his best wellness hacks

- Tell us a bit about you and what you do?

I am an actor and model. I have coached crossfit and functional fitness classes for almost ten years as well. Now, I occasionally enjoy paid partnerships through social media because people either a) like to see me in minimal clothing or b) think I contribute useful helpful information or am somehow a source of entertaining content, whatever it is, i'll take it :)

- Talk us through your daily wellness routine?

My daily wellness routine begins in the morning with meditation and journaling.I typically see a therapist each week and have recently been working with a life coach as well. Wellness goes beyond the physical. I typically spend a minute or so in my showers with the water on cold. In the morning I also go through a stretching routine as well that varies day to day. I have currently been leaning into areas of fitness, which I historically have found uncomfortable, to get outside of my comfort zone. So I'm currently working on a 21 day handstand/hand balancing program. This is forcing me to get comfortable with stillness, solitude, staying calm when frustrated, and patience. I have always been one to need to be in action, so slowing down and just being, has been a challenge. To do a physical practice which emphasizes that sucks! But it's great ha, hooray for growth! I still typically get some form of squatting in as well, because I'm already lean and don't want chicken legs. Diet wise, I practice intermittent fasting, I definitely enjoy my grass fed meat, shoutout to Belcampo! I am not shy to supplement my diet, and take a basic clean preworkout with creatine, caffeine, beta alanine, and bcaa's, and protein bcaa's and collagen as well, and of course...COAST! 

- What are some of your favorite biohacks?

Some of my favorite biohacks are cryotherapy, photobiomodulation and infrared saunas, and float tanks. I also take BPC 157 for joint health and recovery. I'm trying to keep my body tuned up and as spry and efficient as possible! 

- Favorite healthy foods?

My favorite healthy foods, I've already mentioned grass fed grass finished steaks and pork, which some people might disagree with but I get them from a farm which is organic and has a negative carbon footprint. They have cracked the code on farming and agriculture and having a positive effect on the environment. Otherwise, mushrooms, spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, I try to get lots of vegetables, and have a slight addiction to oranges and strawberries.

- What is the best advice you ever had?

The best advice I ever had, no one ever gets it right, right out of the gate, be patient and kind with yourself in a steady pursuit of self improvement...not sure if I ever specifically got that advice but its a conglomeration of life lessons for sure.

- How do you use COAST?

I take coast daily, usually after working out, and always on days where I drink, so also occasionally on the mornings after nights with drinks. I'm still working out my coast routine but that's where I'm currently at with it.

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