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Catching up with Crossfit Trainer, Priscilla J!

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Catching up with Crossfit Trainer, Priscilla J!

Tell us a bit about you and what you do?

-My name is Priscilla but my friends call me PJ.  Health and wellness have always been important to me but even more so now that I am in my 40’s (early early 40’s )! I own a CrossFit Gym and love the all round fitness the CrossFit represents.  Yes, it is for everyone.

Talk us through your daily wellness routine?

-Up at 4am almost every day to Coach CF classes most of the morning then try to get in a workout myself.  I take the bare minimum of supplements and prefer a more natural approach to health and wellness.  Diet and exercise!

What do you do for working out?

-For workouts I do a combination of CrossFit, various strength/ancillary work and occasionally cardio.  Ha.  On average I stay active at least 4-5 days a week.

Favorite healthy foods?

-My favorite food is Tacos …oh, wait you said health food. Um…I do a lot of meal prep so grilled chicken is a staple.

What is the best advice you ever had?

-Best recent advice I have received is to “Train like you don’t have insurance”. You need to push yourself, but if ego gets in the way and you hurt yourself then it can become counter productive. 

Favorite way to use COAST?

-My favorite thing about Coast is it’s like a shot of Wellness.  Not a big drinker but even after a workout it helps remove toxins and always a good replenishment of important nutrients.

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