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The Best Biohacks Are Free!

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The Best Biohacks Are Free!

Over at COAST, we are so passionate about our biohacking community. We love connecting with other experts to find the best tips for achieving our highest possible optimization. The best thing is, biohacking doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. You don’t need expensive IVs, treatments, or fancy tech to be a biohacker! We’ve pulled together our favorite hacks that come free of charge.

Get your daily dose of sunlight

Step outside and get about ten minutes of sunshine each morning. Since we are so heavily exposed to blue light and other artificial light sources, dosing yourself with some natural sun helps your body naturally regulate. Your energy levels, sleep cycle, and hormone production are all affected by your light exposure!

For your body and mind...breathwork

Find a simple breathwork method that works for you, such as the box breathing method (4 counts to inhale, 4 counts to hold, 4 counts to exhale, 4 counts to hold). This technique is extremely effective at calming your thoughts, decreasing your stress levels, and releasing tension from your body.

Grounding in nature

Also called “earthing”, find some time to enjoy the While it may sound silly, reconnecting physically to the earth can have powerful effects on mood. People who practice grounding often report decreased levels of anxiety and depression, and early studies have found promising results for decreasing chronic pain and fatigue.

Skip the expensive cryotherapy session, an ice cold shower will do the trick

Many biohackers flock to cryotherapy to decrease inflammation and optimize recovery. But did you know that a cold shower at home can have similar effects? Turn the tap as cold as you can stand it, and try to stay in it for a few minutes. For a reset to your nervous system, alternate hot and cold.

Cuddle up for the winter months

The health benefits of cuddling are well-documented! When we snuggle up with a loved one, our body releases a hormone called oxytocin, blocking pain signals and lowering our blood pressure. In turn, our cortisol (the stress hormone) levels decrease. All of this adds up to a lovely biological cocktail that boosts the immune system and our sleep quality!

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