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6 Detox Tips For Fall Optimization

Posted by Marketing SJ on
6 Detox Tips For Fall Optimization

After a summer of drinking and travel, a lot of us are feeling extra motivated to reset and repair for fall!

We always like to keep things simple and effective - so let’s reset and renew with some easy and approachable detox hacks. You can easily fall into some not-so-healthy habits when outside of your typical routine, but don’t stress, it’s just as easy to get back on track - here are our top 6 detox hacks to get you there.

Drink 2-3 liters of water daily

This is the cheapest and most important way to up your detox game! The amount of water you should be drinking is dependent on several factors such as height, weight, sex, and activity level, but 2-3 liters is a good rule of thumb. Without proper hydration, it’s very difficult for all your detoxification pathways to be working effectively.

Increase your intake of antioxidant rich foods such as blueberries, spinach, and nuts

Up your consumption of whole, unprocessed foods in general, but focus on ones that are high in antioxidants specifically. Of course, prepackaged and ultra-processed foods are never ideal, but especially avoid anything high in sugar.

Get active with regular physical activity

Set a realistic weekly movement goal. Whether that’s taking a 20 minute walk daily, or spending two hours lifting in the gym, moving your body is a key part of flushing out toxins. Just make sure you follow up your sweat session with a shot of COAST to get rid of those toxins as effectively as possible. 

Try out green tea or matcha

Did you know that matcha and green tea contain a class of antioxidants called catechins? Matcha specifically contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), a catechin that is believed to have cancer-fighting properties. Not only are these beverages super nourishing and detoxifying, but they’re delicious as well! Again, avoid adding any artificial sweeteners or sugars while you’re focusing on detox.

Reduce your alcohol consumption

Yeah, we know, maybe not what you want to hear! Try taking a mini sober break, or simply cutting down the number of drinks you have in a week. Don’t want to be left out? Grab a mocktail at the bar so you’re not the odd one out at social gatherings.

Take a shot of COAST daily for 12 days and take notice of how you feel afterwards

Set a mini goal of 12 days of detoxification, and jot down a few notes on your mood, energy levels, and sleep quality before and after. By making a few simple swaps, and adding in a few healthy habits to your routine, resetting after the summer holidays is easily within reach.

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