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Meet wellness & lifestyle blogger Michele Bolona

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Michele Bolona
We caught up with wellness and lifestyle blogger, and COAST fan ;) Michelle Bolona to get her best health and wellness hacks. 
  • Tell us a bit about you and what you do? 

My name is Michele Bolona I am a health and wellness lifestyle blogger and I work in Latin American currency trading as my full time gig. I discovered my love of health through exploration and out of a need to self diagnose gut health issues I was having. After figuring out that my illness was food related I’ve been on a mission to spread awareness ever since. 

  • Talk us through your daily wellness routine? 

I start my days fasting intermittently (16 hours off 8 on.) Once the 16 hour fast is through the first thing I will ingest is bone broth followed by a cacao lions mane and reishi mushroom drink that helps to promote mental alertness and clarity. Post my caffeine replacements I focus on nourishment so I will dip on sugar free Kefir and some berries. Kefir is great for the stomach as it contains a plethora of naturally occurring gut friendly bacteria. While I’m sipping on that I will use my Joovv infrared light on my face and my PowerDot e-stim kit on the muscles that are the tightest.

Post breakfast I take my supplement stack which consists of about 10 different pills all promoting brain and gut health. Later in the day well after I’ve had my lunch and let me stomach settle I like to start getting my sweat on. I’ll either do a gymnastics strength/ calisthenics workout or head to Barry’s bootcamp since that’s the only high intensity class open in Los Angeles currently. After that I of course will take a Coast shot to remove all those toxins I built up from my workout. A few hours before bed I start to wear my blue light blocking glasses to start winding down for a restful sleep and sip on a warm magnesium drink with a few drops of CBD. 

  • What are some of your favorite biohacks?

I am a big fan of blue light blockers and infrared lights. Those are the tools I use every day. The protocols I love but use less frequently are going to be cold plunges, cryotherapy and cupping. All used for promoting a reduction in inflammation in the body!

  • What do you do for working out? 

My workout of choice that I adopted since the beginning of quarantine is gymnastics strength/calisthenics. I am OBSESSED with how strong I’ve gotten and how mobile by body has become. It’s the perfect balance between strength and flexibility work.

  • Favorite healthy foods? 

My favorite foods that I try and eat everyday are avocados, sardines, anchovies, high quality olive oil, and arugula. These all pair well together for a delicious salad. If I had a tough workout and need a little more substance I’ll opt for some fonio which is a west African super grain that doesn’t boost your glycemic levels.

  • What is the best advice you ever had? 

The best advice I ever had is, less is more. I used to think my best workouts were the ones that I caused stress on my body, but what I’ve learned is that you should train smarter not harder. Raising cortisol does more damage to the body than you think!

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