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Introducing COAST - The Natural Detoxification and Cell Repair Shot

Posted by Christopher Picerni on
Introducing COAST - The Natural Detoxification and Cell Repair Shot

You work too hard to see your health goals set back by the things you enjoy.  We've been there too - the alarm going off before dawn to make that early morning spin class, the long weekend runs, the extra time and money spent in the organic aisle.  

The weekend comes and you reward yourself for all that hard work.  You have a few drinks during that night on the town.  Unfortunately, some of the things we enjoy most can offset those hard-earned health gains. 

We believe in a balanced lifestyle and think that you SHOULD go enjoy yourself.  That's why we created COAST - to bridge the gap between achieving your health goals and enjoying yourself and having fun.

Engineered by a cancer researcher using cutting-edge science, COAST removes harmful toxins, replenishes crucial nutrients, and repairs cells to keep you healthy and functioning at your best.  Unlike anything else on the market, COAST's proprietary blend of an NAD+ precursor, antioxidants, vitamins, electrolytes, and amino acids truly remove the bad stuff and add more of the good.

Here is how you take COAST:

While Drinking

In short, alcohol creates a carcinogenic toxin called acetaldehyde that wreaks havoc on your body.  It damages cells and depletes vital resources, such as NAD, that are necessary to keeping your body functioning properly.  This combined damage causes all the negative effects of alcohol - decreased physical recovery, skin damage, sleep cycle interruption, and, of course, the dreaded hangover.

Drink a COAST right before your first drink, while your are drinking, or directly after your last drink (before bed) to limit ALL the damage alcohol causes.  For those bigger nights out, think of COAST like sunscreen for drinking - apply before you get in the sun and then reapply as necessary. 


What we drink, what we eat, and our environment all contribute to the toxin buildup in our bodies.  When we workout, our muscles and tissues breakdown which releases these accumulated toxins.  Add COAST to your post-workout 1-2x per week to flush out the toxins and boost NAD+ for maximum performance.

Daily Supplement

Think of COAST like a quick and easy all-in-one biohacking drink.  Drink one every day to boost your levels of NAD+, glutathione, B-complex, and more.  No IVs, no handfuls of pills, just one delicious 2-ounce drink to optimize your health and wellbeing.  

COAST was formulated to help you feel, look, and perform at your best without compromising your lifestyle choices. Enjoy that drink, push yourself in the gym, stay sharp at work - COAST is here to help you along and optimize your performance and recovery!

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