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Diving deeper into Glutathione & Cysteine

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Diving deeper into Glutathione & Cysteine
COAST was created by a cancer researcher with a carefully combined set of ingredients that all work in tandem to help you optimize your health. 
While some of our ingredients are more well known like B-Complex, Amino Acids and Zinc, there are some that require a deeper dive to really get the full picture of why we like to drink a COAST everyday. Today, we are diving into Glutathione and L-Cysteine! 

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is commonly known as the "master antioxidant." This extremely potent antioxidant is found in every cell in your body and is crucial to your health and preventing oxidative stress.
While glutathione is not easily absorbed into your cells when taken orally, and therefore not a direct COAST ingredient, L-cysteine is. Cysteine is a glutathione precursor that helps to replenish this key cellular antioxidant in your system. Cysteine is well absorbed via oral administration and one of the reasons we decided to create COAST in a simple shot format. 

Why is Glutathione great for your health? 

To really set the scene, let’s first talk about why glutathione is so important. First, as the most powerful antioxidant, it is key to boosting your detoxification pathways and neutralizing harmful toxins. This helps prevent free radical damage and premature aging. Glutathione deficiency has been shown to lead to increased oxidative stress which can increase the prevalence of multiple diseases, including cancer and diabetes
Cysteine, and in extension, glutathione, is also a great liver supporter and has long been used for that purpose in medicine. Your liver is your major detoxification organ.
So, when our glutathione store is reduced, our detoxification systems are as well and with that, our ability to handle free radicals and toxins which are all too prevalent in modern life and can damage cells and tissues in your body.
More recently, glutathione has been shown to possibly have anti-aging effects by repairing DNA and protecting and stimulating growth of telomeres. Telomeres are "aging markers" that are protective caps at the end of DNA molecules. Shortening of telomeres as we get older is considered one of the causes of cells to age.

What depletes Glutathione?

While genetics can play a role in your glutathione levels, key factors are age and environment. As we age, the glutathione levels that are required for optimal health will decrease.
Increasingly in modern life, we are also exposed to environmental toxins. These toxins wreak havoc in our bodies leading to many illnesses and disease. They also drain our stores of antioxidants. Other detrimental factors for glutathione levels are poor nutrition, stress, and chronic illnesses.

How will Glutathione help optimize you? 

Supplementing with L-Cysteine / Glutathione supports your key detoxification systems and that this can lead to better and improved: 

- Energy levels
- Sleep
- Skin quality
- Brain function
- Faster recovery post workout
- Ability to metabolize alcohol (and less long term side effects of drinking alcohol!)

What is important to note, your health is best improved when combined with other micronutrients to support the entire detoxification and cellular health system. Hence when you drink COAST, you drink a powerhouse shot that is combining other goodies too including NAD+, antioxidants, vitamins, glucarate, taurine and more to help optimize your health! 

Our customers tend to drink a COAST post workout to help flush toxins released when they workout, or paired with alcohol to help cope with the damaging effects of drinking. Some are like us COASTERS, who drink a shot a day or when they feel particularly sluggish and need a boost (hello Monday morning…!) 

Get a Glutathione booster with our 12-Day Detox & Repair Challenge! 

If you are just starting out using COAST, we also recommend kickstarting with our 12-Day DETOX & REPAIR Challenge to really give your detoxification systems a booster and give yourself a systems reset. 
Here’s how it works: 

- Drink a COAST a day for 12 days
- Head outside before 10am daily for a natural light / circadian rhythm booster 
- Try to take 5000-10,000 steps for that beneficial daily movement and circulation 
- Add a breathing practice to your routine (our favorite is box breathing!)
- Lift weights 3-4 times a week and focus on recovery / stretching and foam rolling for the remaining days 
- Avoid gluten, dairy and alcohol for the 12 days your on detox mode

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