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...There's a way to reduce ALL the negative side effects of alcohol naturally

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COAST is the only solution that addresses ALL the negative effects of alcohol, not just the hangover in a simple and natural shot.

Let’s face it, drinking is enjoyable, social and fun but it takes a serious toll on our health, wellness and performance as your body has no natural storage for alcohol and its toxic byproducts. The alcohol metabolization process draws resources from the rest of your body to get rid of the toxin as quickly as possible. COAST adds back what drinking takes away to help you reduce all the negative side effects of alcohol with NAD+, antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins and amino acids.  

This is the best hangover stopper I’ve ever had. My friends and I took a trip together and I bought a pack to share. Worked so well I wish I had gotten more! It tastes good, and it makes you feel great and it gives you a nice energy boost without all the jittery feelings you get from some of the other products on the market. I would highly recommend it as not only a hangover stopper but also as a quick pick me up or wellness drink!

Jim M.

COAST has absolutely saved me! I used to get hangovers that would last 2 days where I would wake up feeling horrible and be unable to do anything at all, except for lay in bed. Now, I take a COAST after 1-2 drinks and wake up feeling fine! When you open the bottle you can smell the vitamins immediately, and it does not have any super artificial taste at all. You drink the entire bottle, continue enjoying your night out, and thats it!

Samantha C

A friend at the gym put me on to Coast and I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked. I had a pretty big night of drinking and the next morning I definitely had no major hangover and was able to go about my day like normal. I will be buying again.

Chris M.

Enjoy that drink without compromising your health and wellness!

COAST was scientifically engineered to bridge the gap between being healthy and fit with being social. We made a natural and healthy complement to alcohol that works by increasing the efficiency of your body in detoxifying alcohol and eliminating it from your body before significant damage is done. COAST also replaces vital resources that are lost during alcohol metabolism such as NAD+, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and electrolytes.


The many ways alcohol is messing with you...

Physical recovery

Alcohol diminishes physical recovery, muscle growth, and energy levels while constricting endurance and metabolism. Don't let it.

Recover with COAST

Skin & hydration

Drinking damages your skin and causes dehydration. Prevent skin damage, wrinkles, pores, and dark spots with COAST.

Skin damage from alcohol

Sleep quality

Alcohol disrupts your sleep cycle and compromises brain function, inhibiting your ability to learn and retain information.

sleep better with COAST


The dreaded hangover. We've all been there. Hangovers are the acute symptom of drinking. Prevent the damage with COAST.

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COAST was engineered by a cancer researcher and cellular health expert using cutting-edge science. As the only natural and holistic solution that removes toxins, replenishes vital resources, and repairs cells with a simple shot, COAST is your perfect supplement to reach that next level.

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