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About Us

We've been friends since childhood - we grew up together, played sports together, and shared the occasional drink together. We also shared a similar philosophy on life and health. With a focus on healthy living, we compared notes on diet, intermittent fasting, fitness classes, optimizing sleep cycles, and staying sharp mentally. Many of these conversations happened over a drink or two. We enjoyed the social aspect and fun of drinking, but fundamentally knew it was bad for us. It felt like a cheat. Why did we work so hard to be healthy in all aspects of our lives except drinking? What could we do to continue to enjoy our social lives while not compromising on health?

We were shocked that there was nothing on the market that addressed this obvious need. The only thing out there was the same old "hangover cures" with the same old ingredients that didn't work. That wasn't us. We wanted a true HEALTH solution that enabled us to stay healthy in the long-term and feel better in the morning. That's when we had the idea - why not us? Between us, there is an Ivy League PhD, MBA, and lawyer. We had an intense focus on making a health solution for people like us and the skill set to do it. After many iterations and hundreds of tests, we arrived at a solution that is healthy, FDA compliant, and absolutely gets the job done. Designed for us, designed for you.

Our mission is to allow you to stay healthy without sacrificing your social life or personal enjoyment. We are committed to providing you with the healthiest, safest, and most effective solution on the market.           

Drink Responsibly. Live for Good Times. COAST Always.


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